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Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Julie 
I have been having a terrible smell come from our laundry room whenever we run the dryer! We are currently renting this home and our landlords/management company have been horrible with helping us! They refused to have our dryer ducts checked for a dead animal! They tried to tell us that the "sewer line" was causing the smell! After almost 3 weeks of problems I called Mike @ The Dryer Vent Doctor and he came to my rescue in 15 minutes! Not only is he a stand up guy but he was able to detect the type of animal that had died in our vents just by the smell! He fixed a problem that had lasted for weeks in a matter of a minutes. If you ever have an issue with your dryer, this is the man to call. He is a pleasure to be around and gets the job done right! - Lauren/Broomfield

bird nest behind exterior vent hood

If it takes a long time to dry your clothes but the dryer's still getting hot, check the following:

make sure flex hose isn't crushed

- Is the dryer to close to the wall?
 The standard flex hose is 4" diameter. You need that much room behind the bottom back of the dryer. Make sure the flex hose isn't crushed and has a full 4 inches.

- Is the flex hose too long?
 The hose should only be 2' to 3' long in most cases. They usually sell new hose in 8' to 20' lengths. Be sure to trim the excess length so the hose doesn't "snake" around behind the dryer.

-Do you have adequate hood clearance outside?
Low level exterior vent hoods should should have 6" to 8" minimum clearance from the ground, landscaping, decks, patios, etc. to vent properly.

-Does your dryer vent have a screen?
Only fairly large opening screens should be used on the exterior dryer vent hood and should only be used if you suspect birds or animals will nest in the duct. Window screen or wire mesh (like rabbit cage screen) is too small. Lint will bridge and plug up the screen quickly, causing long drying time, moisture condensation inside duct, dryer breakdown, even fire.

There's a bad smell behind the dryer!
dead bird

see the nest behind the hood?

baby squirrel inside dryer


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