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Renita, Commerce City, CO   
We moved to Colorado in March 2013, and I will be calling the Dryer Vent Doctor for services as a scheduled yearly maintenance! Because of the incredible, fast, dependable, and efficient service Mike Smith provided, my dryer is working at it's best (better than ever), and I no longer fear our home of only 2 months is a fire hazard. I will recommend your company to EVERYONE I know. You are the best. And you are also a very gifted photographer!
David, Highlands Ranch, CO 
I was very happy with them. I had a very good experience with them. They were on time, did a good job, they were clean, were helpful with information and they were good people. I will definitely use them again in the future.
Karen, Highlands Ranch, CO   
Mike was professional, trustworthy and efficient in completing the work. He was honest about how often you need to get your dryer clean and did not try and sell anything else or get you to join some discount club. I would use The Dryer Vent Doctor again.
Dominiquea, Broomfield, CO 
Mike was simply wonderful. He was able to fit me into his busy schedule the next day and arrived within the window of time he anticipated. I have had my vents cleaned before, call me a silly single female, I didn't know they needed to go onto my roof. Mike found years of build-up and was done within the time he quoted.
Not only that, he fixed the door in the laundry area without my asking. Wonderful guy and job, will certainly utilize services again.
 Kim, Centennial, CO 
 Mike,Thanks so much coming out and cleaning our vent. Corben and I appreciate so much what an amazing job you did. We had such a horrible experience with the other company we were nervous. You did such an amazing job. The dryer works amazing now. I love that you left a sticker so we know when it needs to be cleaned next. We will definitely call you next time to clean our dryer vent. Thanks again so much for coming out and doing such an amazing job.
We had hired another company in August to come clean our dryer vent because our dryer wasn't working and we were told our vents were clogged. That company came out and claimed they cleaned the vents but they didn't. Mike came out told us the vent was completely blocked, plus there was built up lint in the dryer and could have caught fire at any time. Very scary. Mike was so thorough, so professional, and explained to us everything he did. Our dryer now works like a dream and I can sleep comfortably knowing our house will not catch on fire due to dryer lint. Thanks so much Mike for helping us out.

Mary,Littleton, CO 80123 
The Vent Dr. Mike showed up on time. He was dressed with his Vent Dr uniform and came with his excellent equipment. I was just amazed at the amount of stuff that came out of my dryer and the vent! I was so glad he came and did such a first rate professional job. I have recommended him to my neighbors.
I thought of having my dryer vent cleaned when we had our HOA meeting and the "manager" of our HOA on his own had allocated about 20 minutes for his buddies to pitch air duct and dryer vent cleaning to us. The price for dryer vent cleaning was $99 and I believed that was too high so I got on Angie's list and found Mike the Dryer Vent Dr. with terrific references and lots of reviews.
Mike saved me $30 and did a thorough job of cleaning. Now my dryer works fine!

Douglas, Littleton, Cleaned dryer vent, duct, and dryer lint filter. Mike provided quick, friendly, and excellent service as always. We have been returning to him for cleaning the dryer vent since 2004. I highly recommend choosing him for your dryer vent cleaning and repairs. In all these years his prices have remained very low. Kudos to The Dryer Vent Doctor!

 I purchased a home that did not have a proper dryer vent that vented to the outside. Mike did a great job determining the best route and completing the vent install. It was a complicated install, it went very well.  He spent a lot of time and charged a very fair price. Thanks


My dryer works so much better after he cleaned the vent. I am a new home owner so great to have peace of mind that this work is now completed!
This went very well, the timing was just as he said..about 45 min.
Claudia, Glendale, CO 

Serviceman cleaned out ("rotor rooted") the vent pipe and found a problem with vent pipe connection in the wall/floor. He repaired the connection while performing as a contortionist to get to it.  It's stable and working as far as I can tell. He did demonstrate the blow back pressure before and after the repair to show that with lint gone the blow back pressure was significantly reduced.
Richard, Littleton, CO  



 I called him to clean our dryer vent.  He came out - check to make sure it was plumbed correctly and then cleaned it.  Did a good job. Nice guy too - I'd definitely use him again. 
John, Litttleton, CO 


Best value in town! Excellent work with a dedicated entrepreneur.
Used all others over 15 years and Mike is the best.
Bought house 2.5 years ago but had air ducts cleaned and forgot about dryer duct. 
Made appointment on Wednesday and Mike was at my house promptyly on Friday on agreed time window. Total work was about an hour. He cleaned duct and replaced wall outlet no charge as it was slightly crimped.

Arvin, Aurora, CO 

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We have a tenant who complained that the dryer wasn't getting her clothes dry.  I called Dryer Vent Doctor.  After he figured out which vent went to our unit he emptied 8-10 gallons of lint from the vent.  The dryer has worked great since then.  I had also told him when I set up this appointment that I would like him to check our dryer vent at our house since we live close to the rental  He followed me to our house and checked our vent.  He said there was no build up of lint so nothing would need to be done by him.  He did not charge me for the trip to our house or his time thereHe was very polite and professional; responded to my call quickly and was very neat throughout the process and made sure everything was cleaned up from cleaning the rental dryer vent.  I would recommend this company without any hesitation.   It was refreshing to find service like this!  Thank you Dryer Vent Doctor!
Kathy, Aurora, CO
Mike arrived promptly. He cleaned our dryer vent quickly and efficiently. I would definitely use him again! He even fixed our front door lock which had been sticking!

Jennifer, Denver


After finding a 'blue ribbon' recommendation on DRYER VENT DOCTOR, I called. On the day of the appointment, he called when he was running somewhat late which I greatly appreciated. He arrived and did the work efficiently and professionally. Our clothes requires at least 10 minutes less drying time since Mike was here. Mike is professional and just a nice person. I would recommend highly DRYER VENT DOCTOR!!!

Barbara, DENVER


The dryer vent was cleaned out and the vent itself was moved.

Mike came out and looked over everything with regards to my dryer. It was vented from our house into our shed! This was done by the previous owners of our house, nuts! Mike cleaned out the vent, which was so compacted with lint that it's amazing it never caught fire. He didn't have parts with him to actually fix the vent location problem that day, so we made an appointment for Mike to come back and move the vent so that it was venting outside instead of into a shed. He came back, fixed the problem, and things are just peachy now. I recommend the Dryer Vent Doctor and will definitely use him again!

Edward, Erie


Mike cleaned one dryer vent and adjusted length of flexible aluminum duct from dryer to wall duct. Dryer runs normally now instead of extremely hot to the touch. Excellent results. Mike arrived in time and did not have to call at the last minute for directions. Time to perform dryer vent cleaning including setup, packup and submit bill and receive a check from me = about 40 minutes. Mike does not work in a hurry but knows exactly what he needs to do so no time is wasted. He hooked up a vac to the dryer vent inside the house and then went on the roof, removed the dryer vent cap and brushed full length of the ducting so that any lint, etc would be sucked out by the vacuum. Then reattached the vent cap and came back inside and cut the flexible vent material to proper length so that excessive folds in the flex duct do not trap lint. He was also able to slide out the dryer far enough to climb in back of it to hook up his vacuum connection. The dryer is installed in a small closet with bifold doors and I assumed he would have to remove one door to get access, but that was not necessary. He removed the dryer lint filter and cleaned out the inside of the dryer exhaust area with a special brush and the vacuum. Prior to the vent cleaning, the dryer ran EXTREMELY hot to the touch on the outside of the dryer when using the normal heat setting and I had to use the delicate heat setting to bring the temperature down enough to use the dryer. It had been running so hot on the regular heat setting, I though it might be a fire hazard. After cleaning and then running the dryer 10 minutes on high heat, the dryer was hot inside but barely warm on the outside - exactly the desired end result. Mike specializes in dryer vent cleaning, installation and repair. He did not suggest any unexpected expensive add-on services.



"We had been having problems with our dryer stopping in the middle of drying. Concerned that it had lent backed up and could cause a fire, I called Mike. He returned my call within an hour of leaving a message. Came the next day, he was on time and professional. He inspected the dryer and went outside to clean the vent and as rocks started to come out of the vent with a lot of lent. It was discovered that my nephews while visiting during the summer, had put 9 rocks in the the vent. Mike was great about the situation."   
 -Nicole, LONGMONT
"Dryer vent pipe above ceiling became detached. Mike came same day repaired and cleaned our vent system. Truly outstanding service that totally exceeded my expectations.   I felt compelled to give a tip due to his above and beyond professionalism and friendliness! " 
-J. Michael, Englewood
"Mike cleaned out the dryer vent from top to bottom.  Very pleased with the results. I should have done this years ago. It made a heck of a difference."  
-Scott, PARKER 


"Had all the needed equipment to reach the full length, about 40', cleaned the area when he was done. Was very happy to get this done and will bring him back again at his recommended interval of about 1x year." 

-Elizabeth, Aurora 


"Mike arrived, we went upstairs and looked at the dryer and the vent. He determined that the vent needed to be cleaned. He went right to work and we moved the dryer and he hooked up his vaccuum cleaner and went outside to get his ladder to go on the roof to clean the vent from the outside of the house. He found that the vent was completely clogged and the vent was originally installed improperly. He cleaned out the vent and fixed it so that the lint would not get clogged as quickly. He was very professional and personable. I would recommend him and use him again in the future.  This contractor is a keeper. 

Susann, Littleton


"Called and made appointment and he fixed the problem on the same day. Very professional and courteousStrongly recommend for future work. Very professional and explained what he was doing and what problem was solved." 
-Ken, Lakewood




"Mike was very professional, thorough and took the time to explain what he was going to do and what was going on w/ my vent system. He called when he would be late and although was much later than planned, he took $10 off the $69 charge for his tardiness. I highly recommend him and will plan on doing an annual cleanout using this company. His price can't be beat, especially after I called 3 other companies who quoted much higher rates."  



"Our dryer duct had detached from the elbow in the ceiling, so we called to see if he could fix it (expecting it to be a huge job). Mike fixed it quickly and then cleaned the vent for us. He was extremely professional, did a great job, and for a great price. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I got more than my money's worth." 



"Mike came and cleaned out our dryer vent. He also made a repair to the connection to the back of the dryer that will prevent lint from escaping into the laundry room.  Mike was very professional and took the time to explain everything he did. I got more than my money's worth" 



"Cleaned out my 24-26' dryer vent. Vacuumed, blew out and brushed the vent. All went well. Mike was here on time and did the job with no problems.

-James, Boulder


Thorough cleaning from both the roof exhaust vent and the dryer input vent. Completely satisfied with work. I will use this company again.  Use this company. 

-H O Smith, 


Mike came out the same day I called and cleaned the vent. He also fixed the roof pipe and cap (that had been incorrectly put in by Village Homes, thank you very much) and had resulted in no air flow as the pipe was up against the cap. He also advised that the heating element was burned out and gave a couple of recommendations to get that fixed. I was extremely satisfied with this company. Very personable and professional. Did work quickly and competently. I got more than my money's worth. 



"I had my Dryer Duct inspected for buildup and airflow and if needed the ducts would be cleaned. My duct looked good. The serviceman went into my crawl space to check vents and found them to be okay. There was just minimal debris in the vents. The house is 6 years old, and I needed peace of mind that there was no fire danger. I also wanted to verify the ducts were not the cause of my dryer not heating well. My appointment was made promptly. The woman I spoke to was courteous.  Mike was very professional and on time for the appointment. The price was reasonable for the service performed. Everything was cleaned and picked up when the job was done. Mike spoke to me with respect and described the service being performed and why."  



"They cleared 20ft of dryer flex duct, cleaned the flex duct from the dryer to the wall, vacuumed out lint build-up inside the dryer, including element face. The appointment setter was very nice and helpful. I was given a two hour window for the service call. Mike arrived within this time. He was neat, polite, and did a very thorough job. He explained what he was doing and recommended replacing my substandard plastic duct with galvanized metal duct to reduce the risk of a fire hazard." 



"Cleaned 30 foot dryer duct inside 1st floor ceiling of house. Installed new 4' diameter galvanize metal ducting to connect dryer to this interior ductwork.
Excellent experience. This man knows his job and does it well. He cleaned an enormous amount of dirt, dog hair, and lint from the interior ductwork and cleaned up after himself completely. He very quickly and competently installed new replacement ductwork from the back of my dryer to the connection in the ceiling, to the interior ductwork. I am extremely pleased with the results." 



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