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Has your dryer vent duct been cleaned lately...or EVER?
Most people never think of having their dryer vent cleaned until they start to notice long drying time, heating element replaced, or buy a new appliance that still doesn't work

After Cleaning



Before Cleaning

Why do I need my dryer vent cleaned?
The lint is so fine that 1/3 to 1/2 go right through the screen on your dryer. The humidity from the clothes drying cause some of it to stick to the pipe on its way out. Over time, the duct can completely fill with lint. With the average duct length of 15' to 20' now days, they all need cleaned routinely.
How we clean it:
We hook up a high powered vacuum behind the dryer where the duct starts and then hand brush from the outside back to the dryer, while alternating vacuum and blowing until the duct is in a near new condition.
How often should it be cleaned?
Most dryer manufactures recommend ANNUAL cleanings. It depends on duct length, number of turns, and the amount of laundry you do.  IF IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO DRY, BUT THE DRYER IS STILL GETTING HOT INSIDE, IT'S PROBABLY THE DUCT.
There's an average of 15,000 dryer fires each year in the U.S. alone (Consumer Product Safety Commission)


Dryer Vent Cleaning