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GOLD STAR RECIPIENT (-0- complaints in max. 18 year tracking period)
I've cleaned over 22,000 dryer vents with NO complaints in over 19 years in business. Most of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers. I PROMISE to solve your problem. I will educate you, do more work than you are paying me for, and make sure everything is right for the best dryer performance.
Unfortunately, every year or two, there's a new business popping up in the phone book. New businesses with high prices and little experience. Just because you go into business doesn't mean you do good work or know what your doing. This is a full time profession, not a side line business (like many). Don't pay for "On-the-job-training".  Get it done right the first time!
You won't regret calling us or letting us help you.

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